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Bringing Together Educational & Health Care Professionals

The Mind Space community is focused on bringing together individuals that are committed to supporting children and young people's mental health. 

Connection, sharing resources and supporting each other is so valuable. This makes an incredible difference to the lives of children and those provide a safe and secure base for our children. 

Community Features


Connect with educational and health care professionals. 

Online Community Forum

An online community form enabling you to connect, engage and share. Bringing together educational and health care professionals to enable collaboration to take place. 

View & Share Resources

View and share resources with each other. 

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Create and access promotions, events and training. 

Community Membership Packages


Look around the community forum for free. No pressure to purchase a subscription. Request to sign up. 

Free for Healing Together & EduPod Members

(excludes free webinars) 


Community Membership

£16 per year, per person (excl VAT)

  • Connect with community members

  • Create & access resources 

  • Create and engage with forums 

  • Access events

  • Access promotions 

  • Engage with polls 

  • Read news stories 


Healing Together Group


Parental support

Enterprise Membership

£30 per year (exc VAT), per organisation

  • Create and engage with forums 

  • Create & access events

  • Create & access promotions 

  • Create & engage with polls 

  • Create & read news stories 

  • Connect with community members

  • Create & Access resources 

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You Said & We Listened

Our members of Healing Together & EduPod said they wanted a place to connect with each other following their training. They saw the value of hearing other people's experiences, especially of those that were working in different settings.

We have created the Mind Space community to enable people to connect and engage in a safe and caring environment. 

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Healing Together Facilitators Training

We are leading the way in developing and supporting trauma informed practitioners.

Proudly training facilitators globally to deliver this unique trauma informed programme. We are investing in you so children can access help by people they trust, and in a space they feel safe.


EduPod is a new way for mental health leads to plan, manage and evaluate their journey to creating happy and mentally healthy environments for the whole school community.

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I have enjoyed sharing resources, ideas and my experience with other people working in different settings like schools, early help, domestic abuse organisations. It is refreshing. 

Social Worker -

I think it has given her the language to express how she is feeling and almost permission to discuss things.

Anonymous - Parent

Since starting the group he has had fewer anger outbursts. He has got so much better at opening up & expressing his feelings.

Anonymous - Parent

I can’t thank you all enough! We have a calmer household and a much happier mum and son, with lots of cuddles offered by a very happy boy.

Anonymous - Parent

My daughter has got a lot of confidence and support coming to this group. The things she is learning is priceless and will help her develop good relationships in the future. She has gained confidence and understanding and is coming to terms with what happened in her past.

Anonymous - Parent

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If you want to discuss how you can implement this programme across your school or organisation please get in touch. 

Telephone: 0121 448 4190 or email: info@innovatingmindscic.com

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