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Our team of Clinical Psychologists delivers therapy, training and consultation to help people access education, training and employment.

We work from an early intervention approach within educational and community settings to open up access to therapy and create mentally healthy environments that have a sustainable impact.

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Mental Health in Education

Mental Health & Accessing Employment

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6024 people!
National reach
80 entered employment
Reduced school exclusions
Improved mental health


Students are less anxious and are somewhat keener to work with and talk with staff particularly when there is an issue. The severity of student behaviour incidents has decreased. The school does not fix term exclude unless in exceptional circumstances, we are not seeing the same incidences in which we have excluded in the past anyway.

Laurie Cornwell - Executive Head teacher

The course gave me the confidence to talk to a girl who is very depressed. She is now on antidepressants and she is now using a self-evaluation questionnaire every week that helps her monitor how she is coping. It has made it much easier to be upfront and talk to people, rather than waiting for them to open up.

Cathy Taylor - Head teacher, Red Balloon Learner Centre

My daughter has got a lot of confidence and support coming to this group. The things she is learning is priceless and will help her develop good relationships in the future. She has gained confidence and understanding and is coming to terms with what happened in her past.

Mother - Daughter attended the Healing Together programme

The sessions have focused my thoughts and feelings in situations, and how I respond to them. It has enabled me to find helpful ways to communicate and express my emotions or concerns. As a result, I don’t feel as depressed and have significantly decreased my self-harming. I am now having a lot more positive, than negative, emotions and have a much more positive outlook on life.

Courtney - ‘Building Better Opportunities Progress’ participant

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