Therapy In Education

One to One Support

  • Short term and long-term therapy: We work from a range of psychological models such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, psychodynamic, solution focused, Dialectical Behavioural therapy, compassion focused and family therapy based models.
  • Lunch time support sessions.
  • Classroom support: e.g. effective for students experiencing social anxiety, attendance difficulties.

Peer Support

  • Group programmes: e.g. enhancing self-esteem, mindfulness, stress and anxiety management.
  • Reflective peer support groups, led by students, caregivers and teachers and assisted by Mind Space facilitator.
  • Information sessions: e.g. recognising signs of emotional distress.

On average we offer 10 one to one sessions, however this could be more or less depending on the young person’s needs.

Our sessions are adapted to the young person’s learning needs and incorporate creative activities. Sessions can take place within the school or within the community.

Group therapy usually consists of 8 sessions and made up of no more than 10 people. Peer support is equally as important. Anxiety management, exam stress management and unhealthy anger are just some of the groups we run.

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Ofsted and Mental Health

Good mental health is the foundation to young people achieving their aspirations. There have been changes to the Ofsted common inspection framework, and these are centered on emotional wellbeing.

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