Children Impacted by Domestic Abuse

The Healing Together™ programme is for children impacted domestic abuse and violence.

We are now training facilitators nationwide and internationally to deliver the programmes so more children can access the help they need. 

Developed by Dr Asha Patel (Clinical Psychologist)  & Jane Evans (Trauma Expert), the trauma informed programme incorporates neuroscience, attachment models and relational approaches to support children to understand how their brains and body work together.

The ‘Healing Together’ programme was born out of a request from mothers who had started their journey of recovery from domestic abuse and violence. They expressed that they wanted similar help and support for their children but could not find anything suitable. Their children were labelled as ‘naughty’, they were at risk of exclusion from school and struggling to access any help.   

Healing Together defines the approach we have adopted, and is a programme for children who are no longer living with the abusive individual. We believe that children are more likely to have a successful journey of recovery when their primary caregiver has started their own recovery, placing them in a better position to support the child.

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Impact - Young people affected by domestic abuse

  • Bottled up their problems
  • Avoided social support
  • Unhealthy anxiety & anger
  • Low self esteem
  • Wishing they could respect themselves more

* Impact on learning, homelife and friendships

Healing Together Group


Parental support

  • Bottled up their problems
  • Avoided social support
  • Unhealthy anxiety & anger
  • Low self esteem
  • Wishing they could respect themselves more

* Impact on learning, homelife and friendships

Dear Buddy Letter from a Child

Dear friend, I know you may be going through a lot right now but I was.

This group helped me with lots and it will help you to. Please consider coming it is actually very life changing and is a great opportunity.

So please consider

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I have found that she has started to be more open about things/events we have experienced as a family and has started to ask a lot more questions, which is brilliant to see.

Partner -

I think it has given her the language to express how she is feeling and almost permission to discuss things.

Anonymous - Parent

Since starting the group he has had fewer anger outbursts. He has got so much better at opening up & expressing his feelings.

Anonymous - Parent

I can’t thank you all enough! We have a calmer household and a much happier mum and son, with lots of cuddles offered by a very happy boy.

Anonymous - Parent

My daughter has got a lot of confidence and support coming to this group. The things she is learning is priceless and will help her develop good relationships in the future. She has gained confidence and understanding and is coming to terms with what happened in her past.

Anonymous - Parent

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